Friday, February 25, 2011

Craft Bag

I'd like to show you photos of my craft bag.  There is one big pocket on both the front and back and each house is another pocket, the pink house is the front, the green the back.  The beehive opens up to reveal a needle holder.  It took me about 220 hours to finish it - many times I wanted to give up on it but I kept at it and I'm glad I did.

Hopefully real life settles down and I can get back to stitching my Abecedaire, just another WIP.  I want Just Nan's Barnabee (all three parts), too.  I guess  I'll have to stop searching the net for cross stitch because if I buy everything I'll have to live to be about 150 to finish everything, LOL.
Happy stitchin' till next time. 

Side tracked

Somehow this week I have been side tracked by real life and haven't managed to post, so I thought I would add a few more pics of things I've done.  This is the quilt I made for my mother's 90th birthday.  Our relations all signed squares of material and I copied some pictures of my mom onto material then pieced everything into a quilt.  She loved it.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grand Abecedaire

Wow, I found a link to the charts for the Grand Abecedair that was done as a SAL, and saw all the variations of colour people useed to make the sampler their own..  I've always wanted to do a sampler but could never find the right one, well now I have.  32 count Natural Belfast Linen was my choice, with two main colours and a contrast.  I've worked on Aida, 25 and 28 count fabrics before but never 32 count, so this will be an exciting adventure and  I can't wait to get started. 
The photo doesn't do justice to the colour of the linen or the floss.  The DMC colours are 315 Md Dk Antique Mauve, 3727 Lt Antique Mauve, which both look more pink than mauve,  and for contrast 647 Md Beaver Grey which is more of a dusty green. I'm hoping this will have an old world look when finished.

I've been working on a Lanart floral sampler and the Lavender & Lace Santa of the Forest.  I don't have photos yet but will post my progress soon.  I'm also stitchin a couple of bookmarks to exchange so I can't post photos  of them until I send to my partners, but I will soon. 
Happy Stitchin till next time.      

Monday, February 14, 2011

Where do I start

 Trying to decide which photos I should put in here has been quite daunting for me, how far back should I go, or should I keep it more up to date?  Well I chose to mix it up a bit, and put a bit of everything.  The mountain scene and rosellas live in a room box I made of a sewing room.  The rosellas are on either 40 or 60 count silk, I can't remember which.  It was the first time I had attempted anything so fine, but I was pleased with the finish.  The wardrobe scene and sewing machine both hang in my craft room.  I've got 4 WIP's at present - it just depends on how I'm feeling as to which one I work on, but there's no hurry. 
Happy stitchin' till next time. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fun Times

I love reading everyones' blogs but never knew I could set one of my own up until yesterday.  I'm still not sure of the ins and outs of blogging but I'm sure I'll have lots of fun learning as I go along.
Here are a couple of needlebooks I made.  I'd just learnt how to do bullion roses and I thought rather than practice on scrap material I would make something useful out of my learnings. The little girl is a copy of a needlebook my mother has had for many years, if you lift her skirt you will find the needles tucked away.   I hope you like them.
 And how about a couple of Christmas ornie Koalas.  I couldn't resist the cute sleeping Koala on the candy cane and the roly poly Santa Koala, I just had to stitch them.   
 Happy stitchin', see you soon.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first blog

This is my very first blog as I have just started the blog this morning.  I'll be posting photos of my stitching from time to time as I get the hang of blogging.  It's 10.19 a.m. here in Australia on Friday 11 February 2011.