Monday, February 14, 2011

Where do I start

 Trying to decide which photos I should put in here has been quite daunting for me, how far back should I go, or should I keep it more up to date?  Well I chose to mix it up a bit, and put a bit of everything.  The mountain scene and rosellas live in a room box I made of a sewing room.  The rosellas are on either 40 or 60 count silk, I can't remember which.  It was the first time I had attempted anything so fine, but I was pleased with the finish.  The wardrobe scene and sewing machine both hang in my craft room.  I've got 4 WIP's at present - it just depends on how I'm feeling as to which one I work on, but there's no hurry. 
Happy stitchin' till next time. 

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