Thursday, January 8, 2015

A new start in 2015

Happy New Year!
 It's been so long since I last posted anything on my blog but I am going to try and post something at least once a month from this month.
So much has happened since 2011 it's hard to remember everything. 
My friend Nan who introduced me to Swap-Bot, passed away on my birthday in 2013. 
My family put in a swimming pool at their house which has been getting a lot of use lately with the hot weather we have been having.   Peter, Lisa, Courtney and Brianna went on a wonderful trip to the US last year and had a great time.  I have a new addition to my household - a cockatiel called "Buddy".   The family gave him to me as a combined Christmas/Birthday present.  He was ten weeks old when I got him (he's now 18 weeks old).  He's learnt to say quite a few things and is very funny.  I love him heaps.   

 It will be eight years on 26th January (my birthday) since I retired.  I am my mother's carer now as her mobility is very bad so she needs help, but she is very healthy.  She will be 95 y/o in 11 days time, so doing well and I love her a lot.
Since I spend a lot more time at home I have gone back to an old hobby "knitting".  In 2014 I knitted 10,400 metres of yarn.  I made three cardigans, half a dozen or so shawls, scarves and mitts. 
I've started this year with a shawl called Picabea (on Ravelry). I'll add photos of things as I do them.  I found a LYS 2 kilometres away from home called Woolarium and they sell fantastic yarns - they also have a Sit and Knit on Sundays between 2 and 4 pm which I go to.  It's great to sit with like minded people once a week.

I think I'll call it quits for this post and "hopefully" I can keep to my word of posing often.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So many new things

Where does the time go to?   I've worked it out, time goes into learning new things all the time.  My good friend Nan told me about Swap-bot because I wanted to swap cross stitch items. I checked it out and joined up.  Now I'm in a cross stitch bookmark swap and a cross stitch surprise swap.  BUT - in reading the profiles of different people I discovered words like "Inchies",  "Atc's" and "Zentangles".  What are these things?  They say curiosity killed the cat - well I'm not a cat but to be on the safe side I did a Google search to set my curious mind at rest.   Oh Deary me!!!  I shouldn't have done that.  Found:  three more things to add to keep me occupied.  I realise I have been Zentangling for many years but back then it was called abstract art or doodling.  I actually have some drawings done in January 1979 which were a form of zentangling.  Inchies, now there's something a bit different, or should I say a bit smaller, I could even do some zentangling on them.   ATC's - now I can do that!  
All I have to do is take a bit of time from "here" and put it "there" and then take some time from "there" and put it with the "other there" .... Hmmm - I think I'll just take it day by day whatever mood takes me on the day that's what I will do.  My favourites will always be cross stitch and art - but I can find the time for Inchies, ATC's and Zentangles too.   Variety is the spice of life so I guess I gotta lota living to do yet.
Happy stitchin (or hobbying) till next time.  


Friday, April 8, 2011

Time Flies by fast

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last posted, I've been really lazy and every time I think of posting something else comes up and it slips my mind again.  But here I am and I'd like to share a couple more bookmarks with you.  This is the gum blossom book mark and beaded scissor keep I made for Elaine in Ireland, I thought something Australian would be appropriate for a swap.
The bookmark Elaine sent to me is fantastic.  I love the greeny/blue colour of the evenweave, it's like the ocean in colour with lovely blue flowers stitched on it.  Can you see the beautiful little pink heart button flowers - they are about an eighth of an inch "tiny" and so sweet.

I sent Jerry this Celtic dragon bookmark to keep all his books safe while he reads, LOL.  One of the things that Jerry said he liked was fantasy - so I thought a dragon fitted this bill really well. 
I'm really enjoying doing these swaps, it gets the creativity going working out what to make to swap with people when you find out their likes and dislikes.  I hope to do a Round Robin soon and maybe join up to do some more exchanging.  While I was working I didn't have time to exchange with people but now that I have retirement going well look out world, here I come.
Happy stitchin till next time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bookmark swap

I joined a bookmark exchange on a group I belong to and today I received this wonderful X-stitch bookmark and a Threadworx floss from Linda in Albuquerque.  I love anything to do with Christmas and he is such a cute Santa peering over the top of his little gold eye glasses. It's always lovely to receive an item that's been worked just for you, comprising things you like. 
I've been working on my Abecedair but haven't done enough to warrant another photo just yet, but maybe in a couple of days time. I've a few WIP's but there aren't enough hours in a day to do something on them all, and of course there are always new things to start - sigh.... and so many I would like to buy.  Oh well - one day at a time - a stitch here and a stitch there and they will all eventually get done -maybe!
Happy stitchin till next time.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just a short post today, I wanted to put in a photo of my WIP of the Grand Abcedaire.  I still don't think that the colours show up properly but at least it gives you an idea of what it looks like and how far I have got with it.
Happy stitchin' till next time.

Bits and Bobs

Well real life certainly got in the way for a couple of weeks, but hopefully everything is now back to normal and I can get back to sewing.  I was asked how I did the corners of my work when I was framing it using double sided scrapbooking tape.   I first measure the size of my backing board and make creases in my work at the exact place where it will fold over the edge of the backing board.  I've used a patterned material so that you can see how I do it.  First I fold over the edge at the corners and secure it on the backing board with the double sided tape.  When all four corners are done I then do all the edges.  I've been doing this for quite a few years now, and as the double sided tape is acid free it will not harm my fabric.  Hope this helps.

 The following is a Christmas cross stitch I did a few years ago.  I was cleaning out a cupboard the other day and came across it again.  I just love it as it's so bright and cheerful.
 These are some of the cross stitch items I have made, or I have received from friends overseas in the Twelve Days of Christmas Swap. The items were one twelfth scale.  Some of the smaller pictures on the back wall are done on 120 count silk - even the black cameo.  I might add these were not done by me though. 
I hope you've enjoyed my little display of goodies - I treasure all these things and they are all displayed in a little shop front in 1/12 scale.  I will take a photo and post it next time.
Happy stitching everyone, until next time.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Craft Bag

I'd like to show you photos of my craft bag.  There is one big pocket on both the front and back and each house is another pocket, the pink house is the front, the green the back.  The beehive opens up to reveal a needle holder.  It took me about 220 hours to finish it - many times I wanted to give up on it but I kept at it and I'm glad I did.

Hopefully real life settles down and I can get back to stitching my Abecedaire, just another WIP.  I want Just Nan's Barnabee (all three parts), too.  I guess  I'll have to stop searching the net for cross stitch because if I buy everything I'll have to live to be about 150 to finish everything, LOL.
Happy stitchin' till next time.